Photo-Album 2023

May - Abbot Elijah of Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas
meet with the Brothers

May - The transfer of the Thetford, VT, property
to the Upper Valley Land Trust

Morningside Guesthouse: July, 1975 - June 2023

July 22 - Oblates Meeting

April - brothers Richard, Daniel and Michael (who took the photo)
visit our Mexican Benedictine Sisters


  1. I was concerned when the flooding hit Vermont. I know it was near to you. Did the Monastery have any damage? Are you all OK?

  2. So many memories shared and I so appreciate keeping in touch
    OH MY Morning Side I was shaken like a home taken away from home. I am OK , it did come as a surprise...I have not been there in what feels like a long time! Aging taking a toll ....both Morning Side and Me!!!
    I wish you all comfort and May Blessings
    With Peace and Love