Monday, November 26, 2018

Images of 2015

A year in the life of our Community: a special celebration, constructions, encounters and the departure on our Brother Columba. Various aspects of life, our life, in a glimpse on 15 minutes.

2014 - Our Trip to Suesa - Part 2

The trip continues with a day at a Pilgrims' Shelter on the "Camino de Santiago" and an animated gathering with many friends of the Sisters at Suesa. We say goodbye knowing that this experience strengthened the communion between our two communities.

2014 - Our Trip to Suesa - Part 1

In recent years we have discovered monastic resonance with a community of Trinitarian Nuns from Spain. In September 2014 we were graced with the opportunity to experience the life and monastic witness of these Sisters in their monastery in Suesa, Cantabria, in northeast coastal Spain.